LCHF - Low Carb high fat







Fruitarianism means you only eat fruits. An even more extreme version of raw foodism.

While I did give it a shot, this is not for me, way too restrictive, anti-social and very dangerous cause it's so easy to be underfed ! I remember my boyfriend at the time had to drink a 10 bananas shake in the morning just so he could get enough calories to stay healthy and not starve his body!

So I'd rather talk to you about the FRUIT FUSH diet or any short-term fruit cleanse.



Spend 3 days eating fruit, salad, and protein, and you'll cleanse your system, kick food addictions, and lose up to 9 pounds.

Plan developer Jay Robb, a clinical nutritionist, says Fruit Flush gives your digestive system a break from overprocessed foods; lets low-calorie, fiber-rich fruits (and some vegetables) clean your system; and puts your body into fat-burning mode.

What You Can Eat and What You Can't

The first day of Fruit Flush consists of a protein shake every 2 hours between 8 a.m. and 4 p.m., followed by 8-12 ounces of water. Dinner is a raw salad (no starchy vegetables) with olive or flaxseed oil, or half an avocado, along with 3-6 ounces of lean protein or egg whites.

The next 2 days are all about fruit from 8 a.m. until 4 p.m.: one 100-calorie serving of fruit every 2 hours. Dinner is either salad or half an avocado, plus one protein shake.

If you’ve got a caffeine habit or enjoy a glass of wine with dinner, you’re out of luck. Seasonings, sweeteners, and salt are off this plan.

Level of Effort: Medium

Though the time frame is short, the program’s laser focus means it’s a commitment. After the first 3 days of specific, regimented food choice, there’s a lot of freedom for variety within the rules.

Limitations: The list of allowed foods and specific times to eat them might mean a hassle to go to restaurants. You’ll also need to arrange your activities around when you're scheduled to eat.

Cooking and shopping: Besides buying fruits and vegetables, you’ll need to purchase protein shake mix based on Robb's recommendations. Keep in mind that fruit juice, dried fruit, and canned fruit don’t count, nor does anything cooked or otherwise prepared.

Packaged foods or meals: Robb sells protein shakes on his web site, but you're not required to buy them. You're allowed to choose your favorite brand as long as it meets certain ingredient requirements.

Exercise: This plan discourages exercise that's more intense than a leisurely walk. Your energy level might also be down because you're getting fewer calories.


I have tried the fruit cleanse, but in my case, I ate only fruits for 3 days, and felt amazing. I lost weight of course. And after that I just replaced my dinners with fruits and I love it cause I could eat all that I wanted for breakfast and luch. Results: I didn't lose much weight but it was regular (like 20lbs in 1 year..). Not so rewarding for the level of efforts lol.

So my advice, just do the 3 days cleanse once a year for better health.