Let's    sweat   a    little

If you are like me, your relationship with any sport is a love/hate one. You actually enjoy working out once you are doing it, you love the way you feel afterwards, and how healthy & energetic you feel & look. But at the same time, you often feel lazy, feel like it's too much effort for way too little results, you don't feel like facing all the skinny girls in their yoga pants looking at you thinking "FAT GIRL WALKING"... Well, I understand, so here are a few advices, tips and workouts that work for me.

1. Work OUT from home !

There are some amazing YouTube Channels now, that you can just put on in the morning, before you had breakfast.

dDrink up a lemon water (no suger), or just a glass of water if you are too lazy for the lemon pressong part, and work out, even if it's just for 15/20 mins.


So forget about the gym, feel guilt-free about it, focus on finding the channel that fits you, and put in 10 to 20 mins a day or 30 mins every 2 days, whatever you can.

II. Try Martial Arts !

I would advice to go for boxing !

You can actually train on your own at home, you might need to invest in a punching bag if you can, but you can also do air-punching :)

It is amazing both for cardio and for growing muscles.

Also, it's super fun, and you actually become skilled.

When you are ready, if ever, you might want to enroll in a real class.

I advice you to follow the channel of SHANE, FIGHT TIPS or the one of TIFFANY ROTH.

III. Alternate with yoga !

Yoga is also a nice way to go.


I advice you to follow the Channel YOGA WITH ADRIENNE, nice for beginners.

IV. Improve your dancing skills !

There is nothing as fun as dancing when it comes to working out.


So I would advice you to go for ZUMBA.


Or my personal favorite, any kind of african dance !

V. Do a HIIT drill once in a while !

High Intensity Interval Training is super efficient.


It's usually short but intense, so I don't like to do it too often. Maybe do it once r twice a week.


You have basic HIIT, or one that I like perrsonally, the 4-min TABATA training !