Plus-Size Art: Susan Ruiter

While browsing Pinterest, I stumbled upon gorgeous voluptuous women paintings by Susan Ruiter, and I just had to share them with you.

Susan Ruiter: Ready to go out

Source: Susan Ruiter's website

Susan Ruiter is a Dutch painter, born in 1969.

Source: Susan Ruiter's website

After an education at the Fashion Academy, she followed art classes and workshops that contributed to the start of her career.

Susan Ruiter "Baby Doll"

Source: Susan Ruiter's website

Her paintings are full of humour, positivity, sociability and sensuality.

Susan Ruiter: "Soulmates II"

Source: Susan Ruiter's website

"Fernando Botero, the world famous artist, was at the base of the inspiration of the current style."

Susan Ruiter " Make Me Beautiful"

Source: Susan Ruiter's website

I love this one: "Colorful" !

Source: Susan Ruiter's website

I just love the colors, especially this stunning fushia background.

But my personal favorite has to be this one: "Sexy Me!" Gorgeous, right ? Amazing combination of colors, and this girl is sexy !

Susan Ruiter "Sexy Me"

Source: Susan Ruiter's website

You can follow Susan's facebook page, and you should check her website, it is full of amazing paintings that you might just love !

So what do you think ? Which one is your favorite ? Would you purchase one of those pieces of art ? I just might :)

Curvily yours,

Gipsy B.

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