Carmakoma is killing it

Today I pick this gorgeous outfit by CarmaKoma! I just love this knit shirt dress, so comfy, sexy and body flattering at the same time.

You can buy the dress here for 92$.

Unfortunately, CarmaKoma don't sell thos gorgeous boots :( Too bad cause they play a big part in the sexiness of this outfit.. But I found similar ones here for 48$ (up to 16in wide, and 18 1/2 in high) ,

If, like me, you like better flat boots, here are tall suede boots from Forever 21 + for 44$:

I did not purchase them myself yet but I will. In the meantime I read on the comments that they are made for very wide calf, like 17 inch + (good news for me :) I'm almost an 18 ).

Also you have gorgeous ones in leather here for 44$ (17 in. wide, 22 in. high).

I must say it is so difficult to find over-the-knee boots for calves wider than 16 inches ! Especially if you want high heels. So I will prepare you a special post on where to buy extra wide tall boots soon !

So do you like this outfit ? What do you think about shirt dresses ?

Curvily yours,

Gipsy B.

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