Slay in that sexy floral maxi skirt

I've had a huge crush on this high waist skirt by REBDOLLS ever since I saw it!

It is so sexy, the shape is flattering even for us bigger girls. The slit is still subtle enough if you are not very confortable with showing too much of your legs. It is the perfect outfit to rock trendy spring's forals !

You can buy the skirt here for 27.50$.

I'm not totally convinced with this "X" crop top though. Sure it is very nice and it looks very sexy on her body shape, but I wonder if it's not too open on the chest/arms for bigger girls ? I would have to try it on first I guess. Have you ? What do you think ?

I might just go with a more basic black crop top like this one maybe:

It is more basic and covers little bit more skin for the shyer ones ;) Don't get me wrong, you should not be ashamed of your body or feel like you have to hide anything ! But if you are like me, it is all about showing just enough to feel perfectly confident and confortable.

So you can buy this crop top here for only 14.50$.

So what do you think about this outfit ? Isn't it a perfect way to enter into spring feeling sexy ?

Curvily yours,

Gipsy B.

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