Dating a Black man, a curves lover

What an amazing experience it is to be dating a black man.

Don't get me wrong ! I don't believe that every black man is amazing or that white men aren't good.

...although.. once you go black.

It's not that he is black, it's about everything the fact of being black made him.

Being black made him proud, a fighter, someone with so much Passion and Integrity, it gave him a hard life full of meaningful experiences that built his strength to an unprecedented level, it made him an artist, a poet, a rapper, an activist, an amazing lover, a dominant carer, a believer.

(And it also gave him quite the package ... )

I had never dated a black guy before.

A few months back, freshly divorced, reborn, I just started going out and enjoying life as a single girl.

I decided to join that online dating site, Tinder, after my girlfriends talked me into it.

Have you heard of Tinder ?

Well I did, and I was kind of reluctant, as I had heard men and women both joined Tinder for easy sex.

I still decided to give it a chance, with a playful and detached state of mind.

Then I saw that intriguing guy.... I swiped right and so did he.

And I discovered a guy with a sense of style like I had never seen before. You know, that American gangsta style, sexaayyyy as shit !

He turned out to be a little moody and not easy. I wasn't sure what to think... you know, usually guys you meet online are all sweet and showing their best side. But he just was himself, demanding, strong and observant. A smart guy with so much personality.

I'm not gonna bore you with details!

I wanna talk to you about the way he makes me feel. The way he makes me feel loved and beautiful. The way he desires me and every curve on my body.

The point is, believe it or not girls, I would never have had him if I wasn't curvy, or a fat ass blondie bitch as he calls me.

He prefers girls with curves.

We fell in love madly. But here, I wanna focus on the physical part of our relationship. Focus on how with just a look at my body, a look at my big thighs and ass, he gets hard as a rock instantly.

Girls, I've had men that loved me before, like I am sure you all had. Some loved me crazily, and all enjoyed having sex with me.

But never had I experienced something like this. I know that with all of my exes, it's not that they did not love me the way I was, it's more like they all loved me in spite of my weight.

But he wouldn't change a thing about me.

We deserve no less than being desired to this point !

For the first time in my life, I see myself through the eyes of someone else and realise I couldn't be as beautiful if I was thinner.

I wish the same to all of you.

I'm not saying book a flight to Nigeria this second (or am I ?)..

I am saying don't ever settle for less than what you deserve.

A lot of bigger women actually believe that they can't be too demanding because they are too fat and believe that the guy they are dating is actually doing them a favor...

No matter how much of a loser he actually is.

Bullshit !

Don't let the man you share your life with make you doubt that you are beautiful and sexy as fuck just as you are, with your big ass, your big thighs and your rolls.

None of us should ever tolerate comments like " you would be so beautiful if you lost a little weight" or "start a diet & go to the gym you lazy ass".

This is the key to a happy life, the key to feeling free, sexy, liberated in your style, your attitude and in the bedroom.

You deserve to feel unapologetic and proud, when you walk down the street and when you are riding your man!

There is nothing like liberated and shame-free sex. You know, sex where you think about nothing else than the pleasure you're giving each other. Not one thought about how fat you look in this or that position, or if you might be too heavy for him to handle you. It's not just that, it's actually adding to the pleasure by knowing that you being fat is a huge turn-on to your man.

Could you ever think that being big would make sex and life even better ?

I don't know if the answer is to date a black guy..

For sure black guys are culturally more inclined to appreciate bigger women. But it is also true for arabic men, and most men living on islands or in warm countries.

Furthermore, many of these guys, if born and raised in developed countries, would actually share the same culture and hence the same beauty standards as any white man..

You could explore the world and live in places where the mentality and culture hasn't been biased yet by modern standards..

Or maybe just keep looking around you. There are many more men than we think who prefer bigger girls, and who would make you feel like a queen and not a second choice, and you deserve nothing less than that.

Have you ever experienced something like that ? Tell me about your stories, and what your men feel about your curves ?

Curvily yours,

Gipsy B.

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