What men love about dating a big girl

Many fat girls, me included, have sometimes felt like they were just settling for their boyfriends, because they felt like they probably couldn't get anyone better.

This is mostly true for younger girls, in highschool or in their early 20's.

Later in life, we have built enough confidence to realize through experiences that many men actually love us exactly how we are.

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Of course we all know, the heart is key.

I mean it is the personality that counts, who you are and not what you look like.

(Smart) Men want to be challenged intellectually, to have someone smart and strong and loving, so of course you should work on that before anything, it is a given.

But here we are talking about being big, I have to focus on the physical side of things, so it will be about looks, style and sex.

What everybody thinks:

Being fat is unlikely to be considered as an attractive trait in our modern societies.

It's partly true, because "beauty" is a socially built value, and it changes with decades, following the trends set by advertisers and beauty magazines.

But as I mentioned before, we are re-entering an era where curvy women start to be celebrated again for their sexiness.

So, what do men love in a bigger woman?

  • When it is time to settle and chose the one, men love a woman with personality, humour, depth, who can cook and hold a house. A woman on which they can rely, a life partner that both pushes them forward and make them laugh, a light in their darkness. Let's face it, most bigger girls have had to deal with being different, with the harsh truth of not fitting the standards, they had to learn how to love themselves on their own, and that, ladies, makes you strong, deep, understanding, and accepting of difference. It taught you to be able to always smile and feel ready to face hard times. Big girls aren't shallow and good men love it. ( I use general terms for convenience only)

  • Men do love big thighs and ass. Here again not all of them of course, but it's an animal thing to be attracted by it. Ideally, men will love a smaller waist. I don't mean tiny, I mean smaller than the ass & thighs. They will also love it better if the skin is firm ! I know what I'm talking about as my man teases me by calling me "my flabby bitch" :) (said with love and desire, so no offense taken there or maybe just a little). So, stop dieting, big is good, but hit the gym ;)

  • Men love big boobs. It's a big fantasy for many many men. You have them ? Use them to feel sexy.

  • Men love having sex with a big girl, there is more to grab. And let's be blunt, usually big girls are wilder and they know it. Big girls are usually playful in bed, they are more giving and men dig it.

A few advices...

  • Men love a girl that is confident and love herself. Some men won't like dating a bigger girl because of the low self-esteem problem. Prove them wrong! Don't be whining or apologetic about the way you look. For two reasons, first it will make you feel miserable, and secondly, it is a huge turn-off to anyone. Men don't want to have to manage your body image issues.

  • Men love women that are well-dressed and carry themselves well. Unfortunately, presentation will always matter. And girls, isn't this also true if you flip genders ? So put in an extra effort. You know, there are a lot of cliche out there about bigger girls. Like that bigger girls are smelly or dirty, that they don't take care of their bodies or don't put in any effort in the way they dress. Here again girls, prove them wrong ! This is bullshit !

Let me add that there will always be haters out there. Don't mind them, they have their own deep psychological issues, they are fuckep up people, and it is not our fault if they are too stupid to deal with it. Keep in mind that those people have quite a bit of personality-building to do.

You should never feel apologetic.

Would you have anything to add ?

Curvily yours,

Gipsy B.

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