Instagram's fat phobia.. #curvy banned !

What a shock to wake up and realise that Instagram has banned the hashtag #curvy !

I mean this hashtag symbolizes almost all in itself the whole body acceptance movement on Instagram !

It was a word full of body positivity and hope...

I just want to say that I feel outraged..

I am not sure yet why they really did it. It is said that this hashtag was associated with too many indecent and "porn-like" pictures..

But is that the truth or just a way to stop the body acceptance movement and the wave of disturbing pictures of bigger girls flaunting their curves proudly and freely... ?

For Instagram's defense, it is true that many people were misusing #curvy to post sex photos... But I feel it is such a limitation to Freedom of speech..

It feels like Instagram is praising a thin beauty standard and is condemning curvy bodies as explicit or “pornographic”...

It brings me to a subject Ive been willing to talk about here lately.. The sexualization/objectification of curvy women... I will get back to it in a future post.

But here again, IG decision to ban #curvy could just be about defining decency without censoring too much.

What do you feel about this ?

Curvily yours,

Gipsy B.

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