How to wear a little black dress for sexy summer nights!

Truly You

Fringed Strappy Bodycon Dress


It's a basic shape, but I love its simplicity combined with the fringes... It is quite short I must admit, but short is good, now is a time to show our legs ! And if you are shy like me, the fringes will help.

You can wear this dress with any high heels but it can also go nicely with cute flats.

I would advice not to add any jewelry as it could be too much combined with a fringed dress...


Zip-Front Leopard Bodycon Dress


Sexyness!! Let's be bold girls and try this dress for a night out clubbing ! It is already very sexy, and kind of sexual.., so don't wear any jewelry or just a pair of tiny elegant earrings, and choose sophisticated and minimalist high heels or even flats, to take sexy down a notch ;)


Crepe Swing Dress with Gold Trim


I just love this dress !

The gold line detail makes it so elegant & sexy...

Here I would accesorize with a pair of long earrings, no necklace, elegant high heels if you wanna look chic, or cute flats for the gipsies at heart.


Bodycon Dress With V-Neck


This dress is a must-have. The cut is classic, elegant and sexy.



$ 38

Simple and sexy, it can be elegant or gipsy, following your mood of the day.


Envelope Bodycon Dress


This dress is just amazing. The cut is classic, elegant and sexy.

I hope you like the selection !

Curvily yours,

Gipsy B.

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