Are we over-sexualizing curvy girls?

I felt proud of being a curvy blogger. Being part of the body acceptance movement.

I am posting pictures of curvy girls on my Instagram page every day, the reason behind it being that I'm trying to "normalize" bigger bodies and show that they are beautiful too. Of course, most of the pictures I post are women in underwear or bikinis, flaunting them curves proudly, as the message is to love your body just as it is.

And recently, because I kept receiving direct messages on IG of men sending me dick pics, I had a conversation about it with my boyfriend.

Of course emotions were involved. Not much, but you know, nobody wants their bf/gf to be receiving sexual pictures from other people.. But still, he said something that shocked me and made me think a lot. He said " No wonder you're receiving pictures of horny bastards dicks, I mean look at the pictures you are posting, they're like an invitation to fuck".


And you know what, he's kind of right in a way.

What we are doing is proving to the world that curvy women are desirable, that their bodies are sexually desirable too. We are here flaunting curves, showing off big boobs and asses, proudly and unapologetically.

Most pictures aren't very far from erotic phtography, right ?

I'm not saying this is wrong of us to do.. I mean, I still believe showing off curvy women's bodies as part of a massive online movement still seems key to free people's mind from current beauty standards.

But it is creating an other problem.. Indeed, the message underlined seems to be, you want to have a killer time in bed ? Choose a curvy woman. There is more to look at, more to grab and touch, and curvy women are wild and free !

Instead of positionning ourselves as independant, free spirited, smart and beautiful beings, we are kinda positionning ourselves as sex goddesses.

Let's stay positive... Maybe it is a small price to pay for having our beauty recognized as more universal ?

We get power from our sexual attractiveness. It is still power, and probably the most efficient kind of power over men..

Anyway, the topic is nothing new.

Women have both suffered and gained power from their sexuality since the beginning of time.

What do you think about this ? What should we be doing ?

Curvily yours,

Gipsy B.

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