How to wear mini skirts

We kind of integrated as a rule that curvy girls shouldn't be wearing mini skirts or mini shorts, as if there was something a little indecent in showing big legs..

Well, it is time to be bold and stop following rules set by stupid fashion magazines and body shaming.

Big legs are beautiful too !

And a lot of men enjoy big thighs;)

But here is a first trick you can use to start wearing a mini skirt while not showing too much legs :)

ASOS Curve miniskirt with maxi fringing, $54 (sizes 14-24).

I just received it and I'm in love with it!

For those of you who are still a little shy with showing some legs like me, this is the perfect pick !

The fringes add a sexy boho touch to the outfit.

If you are bolder, maybe with more of an hourglass shape, you can go for a crop top like on the photo. For my part I would go with an off-the shoulder shirt that falls on the hips.

This kind of shape:

Available for 17$ at

Or something more casual like this one:

You can buy it here for 16euros.

You can wear it with flats for a more casual look and to tone down the sexy feel a little, but you can also wear high heels for a sexy night out !

I think the skirt is a statement piece in itself, so I wouldn't wear big jewelry or flashy shoes and accessories.

You can buy the skirt here for 29Euros (it's on sale at the moment so hurry!)

What do you think ? Would you wear it ?

Curvily yours,

Gipsy B.

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