What's up with all the ass twerking ?

Twerking ? The act of moving your ass up and down rapidly like you are having a seizure.

(Urban Dictionary)


Seriously, am I the only one shocked by all this ass twerking videos you find everywhere on Instagram and other social media ?

What have we done with our Pride and Self-respect as women ? How did young (and not so young) women get to believe that this is the kind of skills you have to master to become a fulfilled independant and desirable woman ?

I don't have anything against learning how to be sexy, how to turn on a man, how to move like a goddess. I even would advice any woman to work on their sex-appeal, because it gives you a undeniable power and confidence in life, and also because I believe it is crucial to know how to be and move sexy to keep your man happy, in closed doors.

But here, it's like it all has been reduced to who is gonna be the sexiest bitch. A race to become the most fuckable bitch on the Internet. A race to having the ass that can best swallow a dick.

It is not a trivial thing, it does fucking matter, a lot. It brings us to the subject of positioning ourselves in a man's world. How to be respectable and strong women in a world where men still have all the power.

How can't women understand we are the reason of our own suffering ? How do we expect to be treated by men if we position ourselves as hoes and bitches ?

The kind of comments men post about twerking ?

"Btw, you only smash girls that twerk, you don't wife them."

We women hold such a huge contradiction within ourselves. We all desperately kinda are looking for that one amazing man that 'll make us his wife, love and respect us, treat us like a queen for life. And to that exact purpose, we learn tricks and moves and do things that assure us of the exact opposite, finding a man that is a dog, that will slap that ass, fuck it, and throw it away, like a bitch.

We women are something else. We cause ourselves so much harm.

We position ourselves as sexual objects, consider other women as competition, tease men, play on Lust and Sex, men's biggest weakness, steal other women's men, and then go complain and be hurt when a man treats you like shit or cheats on you with a hotter ass twerking bitch.

Anyway, this is just my rant of the day.

Let's give these twerking girls the credit they deserve, some of them are awesome at it, and did manage, I am sure with real hard work, to build themselves a gorgeous bottom ;) I mean have you seen that ? Some of these asses look alive, like they move so good it looks like living creatures.

Because don't get me wrong, I don't think twerking looks disgusting or anything, I think it is a very enjoyable mating dance to watch :)

And to bring the subject back to the theme of my blog, all this ass twerking does participates to bring back the curvy girl era on, I guess..

I want to share a poem called "Bitch" by this amazing Nigerian woman I found on Youtube yesterday, Nezi Momodu.

"Stop selling yourself for less than what you're worth."

Curvily yours,

Gipsy B.

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