BOHO Kimono by Harlow

Harlow Australia is one of my favorite plus size brand. Their clothes are always trendy, casual, but also

sexy and always with a flair of drama :)

Always a delicate balance between style and sobriety.

The place to go to if you wanna be stylish and not look like a xmas tree.

This "Sweet Freedom" fringed kimono is a BOHO delight :)

You can buy it here for 70 AUD.

I wouldn't combine it with this outfit though.

The blue shoes don't really fit, and I'm not fond of the shape of her denim. I also would wear a top instead of a T.

I would wear a basic pair of black leggings with any sleeveless tightish long top.

Black shoes, or a color assorted to the top.

And if you wanna go for a denim, wear a skinny one with no hem, as the hems enlarge the ankles.

For a casual gipsy look, wear flats.

If you wanna wear it for a night out, you can choose black leather leggings, a long tight black top and black sandals.

For a boho sexy look, you can be inspired by this style:

Curvily yours,

Gipsy B.