Hip-hop swag for bigger girls; which headwear ?

I have been looking for a urban/hip-hop + size brand & couldn't find any !

So I have browsed a little and came up with a selection of different brands items for the days you will feel like going for an urban swag. I will share more in future posts, as this is a new fashion series for my blog.

On today's post I'm gonna start with choosing the right hat or headwear.

My motto.. CLASSY & SEXY. You wanna have class, even on your street style days. Even on your tomboyish days.

To have class:

  • Always choose QUALITY,

  • Be MINIMALISTIC, don't over do it,


To be SEXY, well it's simple, bring on the WOMAN in you.

Now, if you are a black woman, you are here in your element, you can go bold and play around without limitation. Hip hop is your culture, you set the rules.

If you are white like me though, well try to respect the rules a little more and maybe don't over do it lol. I would go for a hiphop-inspired style more than for a full-on gangsta "am gonna fuck you up" one.

so ... HATS

Being bigger doesn't entail having a bigger head, so no need for a + brand.

Go for a snapback , a knit or a bucket hat, mainstream brands.

I'd say just go for the basics for a start: ADIDAS, NIKE, VOLCOM.

If you like, you could also go for specific HIP HOP Brands like MITCHELL & NESS x DON C.

(I love Adidas. But FYI, the most name-dropped brands in hip-hop are VERSACE, GUCCI & NIKE.)

What color ? BLACK !

I would totally discourage you to go for too much flashy colors and girly stuff. You will fast look like a X-mas tree, or cheap.

Go for simple & sober, but trendy & sexy. It's all in the small details.



Materialized snapback

$ 26

Buy here



$ 24

Buy here


Black/gold w/ leopard pattern

$ 24

Buy here

If you like patterns like me, you can't be wrong with snakeskin, crocodile skin, leopard or military prints.

Or some cute geometrical trendy prints like this JORDAN Snapback:

JORDAN snapback


$ 35

Buy here

The basic classy black on black.


Original Trasher snapbak, black on black

$ 30

Buy here

NIKE also has a black on black one, for $29,99, buy here

VOLCOM has one too, buy here for $31,99

You can also go all white:


White snapback cap

$ 54

Buy here on ASOS

And if you wanna go all in, be a little snob and super trendy, that's the one for you.. But we are talking pricy here..


Their latest snapback drop "Just Don"

With their signature python brim

$ 460

Buy here

If you really like your girly pink like me, then choose a black one with a flashy pink logo, but avoid an all flashy pink one.

You can also go for a knit hat. Remember, simple with a touch of sexy, if you aim for classiness and don't want to look cheap or too vulgar.

I like very slouchy ones, but this is personal, both slouchy & non slouchy are trendy.




knit Hat


buy Here


White knit Hat

$ 30

Buy here


Knit Hat

$ 30

Buy here

in the trends 2015/2016 I have a special something for the Jordan knits.. I also like the ones with pompoms for girls, especially that it is definitely .


knit Beanie

$ 22

Buy here

or here without pompom


And finally, you could go for a bucket hat.

Bucket hats are in. Nothing new, but the trend is still going. So you can't go wrong. You can choose all black or go for prints. Flower prints & ethnic prints on a black background is the way to go.,


Bucket hat

$ 29.97

Buy here


Retro Bucket

$ 29,99

Buy here

To combine with all black outfit, or anything very simple & minimalist.


Bucket Rose

$ 34,99

Buy here


Bucket hat

$ 24,99

Buy here


Bucket hat with prints

$ 44,99

Buy here

Or if you want a girlier touch, Rihanna-style, you could go for this:

Angela Rich

Floral Hat

$ 55

Buy here

(You can try Zumiez for your next bucket hat purchase, nice selection.)

Or you can buy Rihanna's brand, that she launched with Melissa Forde in March, M$$XWT BUCKET HATS.


Print Bucket HatPineapple

$ 17

Buy on Opening Ceremony


Finally, if you are not crazy about hats, you could also go for a bandana:

If you are not sure how to tie your bandana, check out this tutorial:

Well I hope this gave you enough inspiration ! Send over your pics !

Curvily yours,

Gipsy B.