Fat girls can dance too !

Why is it in everyone's mind that fat girls can't dance ?

Not only can fat girls be as sporty and skilled as skinnier ones, they also can be as gracious and sexy when they move!

I know as a teenager, I have refrained from practicing a lot of sports because I did not feel confortable enough in my body. I wouldn't dare to enroll in dance classes, let alone ballet !, because I didn't want to be the hippo in the room, I wouldn't dare to enroll in girls martial arts classes because I thought I would break any of the girls I would have to fight against ( I guess I got traumatized when I broke some girl's wrist in judo class at school and they moved me to the boys group...), and most times we would play some kind of collective sports with my friends, I would always find a stupid excuse not to participate because I was too afraid to look ridiculous, or to sweat and be tired too fast, whatever stupid excuses, you name it.

And this is such a f***ing waste of my time and skills. Because I am built for sport, I am good and great at it. And I have left years pass by without ever going deep into any specific sport, to reach a point where I am indeed now not as good as a skinny girl because I just didn't try.

Yes I have been working out througout the years, fitness and stuff, but never went for one of this sports that seemed so fun and could have become a passion.

Nowadays things are different for me though. Probably because I am older and much more confident and happy in my skin. But that self-awareness while moving is still in a corner of my mind everytime I do some sport in public.

I am planning to start some martial arts courses, I have always wanted to become a black-belter. It is never too late right ? :)

Well anyway, if you ever felt like I did, and especially you teenage girls, look at this photos and get inspired !

A fat girl dancing, the video that went viral !

Ballet dancer

Source: Big fat Deal Blog

Fat girls can pole dance too !

Salsa !

Burlesque !

JUDOKA Vanessa Zombotti, get inspired !

Vanessa Martina Zambotti Barreto is a 33 year old Mexican heavyweight judoka.

Zambotti is perhaps most well known for winning the Pan American Games in 2007 as a Heavyweight and earning a total of 17 metals from all of the Pan American Judo Championships that she has attended. From 2005-2011, she was considered the strongest judoka that Mexico had to offer.

Volley-Ball !

Source: Sydney4Women

PRofessional Athletes! Here Samoan athlete Savannah Sanitoa.

YOGA ! with big-gal-yoga

Rollerskating ! Source: Fatgirlsdoingthings

Get your freak on !

Source: goodbye-fatgirl

And to end on a hopeful note, here is the FIT FATTIES FIGHT SONG :)

These are just a few examples that there is no limit to what a body can do, no matter how big it is !

There is a super inspiring blog on the subject that you should check out: Fat People doing sports.

Curvily yours,

Gipsy B.

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