How to wear kaftans like a goddess

I believe certain shapes of clothes are particularly flattering to women with curves.

A crop top with a midi skirt is one of them.

But today I want to be an advocate for KAFTANS.

Kaftans are one of these amazing types of clothes that can flatter your curves by both hiding and showing them.

Most importantly, there are one of the rare clothes that can make you feel both SEXY and SUPER COMFY.

You don't always feel like pulling off a crop top or an outfit that is bold and shows too much of your curves. Sometimes you feel vulnerable. Sometimes you don't want to have to think about your body or have to feel strong. Sometimes you want to be simple and still feel feminine.

Well, you no longer need to have to choose comfort over trendy and sexy. Just put on a kaftan;)

And there are as many types of kaftans as they are types of women or styles. You can go for something super classy, or with a gipsy touch, ethnic, or totally casual, or more of a beach wear. Short or long versions. Completely oversized or tighter. With or without belt to mark the waist.

Have a look..

Unfortunately, this kaftan seems to be out of stock. But I still had to share the photo of gorgeous Queen Latifah wearing a kaftan with class and confidence !

This is a KAFTAN by Avenue. It's an old collection and I couldn't find it anymore.

Buy Similar here for 26$, by Simply Be.

City Chic "Morocco" Kaftan, now 55$

(buy here)

City chic "Marrakech" kaftan, 50$

(buy here)

This one has been spotted on Tess Holiday.

A super cute white KAFTAN by Infinity Tiffany, for 88$.

Buy here.

And don't mind the photo, it isn't really good. The girl is quite skinny, but this kaftan would fit a curvy girl amazingly !


The amazing line of pool side pieces by JIBRI. A bit pricey, but they are a real work of art. You can wear as a pool side piece or on top of a pair of leggings or denim.

For a gipsy touch, check out kaftans by Charlotte Russe plus.

You can buy this one here for 34.99$.

A simple black kaftan by Charlotte Russe Plus, 20$

CYNTHIACOUTURE - A super elegant kaftan up to size 18.

Buy here for 85$

And the one below is again by CynthiaCouture. The cut is simple and very sexy.

You can buy here for 73$.

You need to take a look at TEYXO's kaftans & cover-up dresses!

It's an urban brand that brings elegance and comfort together.

You can buy this one here for 99$.

They can make them in any size ! With no extra charges. Just send them an email first to specify your size.

This one, for a more casual touch, by TEYXO.

You can buy it here for 79$.

Now, make sure you don't go for a shapeless kaftan that makes you look like a garbage bag. If it is an oversized piece, make sure it's wide open on the neck or that it's off the shoulder. Or wear a belt. It's important that there is a touch of feminity. If you do not have a waist at all, wear your belt right under your breast, it will make your breast look bigger and create the illusion of a thinner waist ;)

I hope you enjoyed this selection of Kaftans and that I put you in the mood to start wearing them more often!

Send in your pics so I can share them on the OOTD section;)

Curvily yours,

Gipsy B.

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