Love your big ass!

It is just so refreshing to see real women of any sizes and shapes proudly dancing and shaking their booties in a music video clip !

The way we perceive the beauty of a body is just a cultural thing, nothing more.

How I wish African beauty standards could be mainstream in this world .. Look at this women ! They are gorgeous, and they can move!

Source: This is Africa

Don't get me wrong, African men are not all into fat girls.

While it is true that they kind of all appreciate a big ass and big tits, many of them share western culture standards and will prefer a slim girl like those you see in video clips or in magazines.

(Even if truth is that even their slim girls are actually bigger than ours.)

Source: DailySquib

And it is not all about the shape of a body, it is about what you can do with your body and who you are. Skills are valued, Personality traits are valued.

My point being that is it just so sad that so many of us western women, and our younger girls mostly, have to suffer so badly for not being accepted the way we are and look.

And the worst of it all is that we blame ourselves.

Blame ourselves for being too lazy to work out, or for eating like a pig, for having no willpower, for not being born amazing.

Some of us will decide to indulge in food and then find an unhealthy way to have it out of our body, entering a bad circle of food disorder and self destruction. Some of us will just keep eating and getting fatter because in a way eating is the only real pleasure & confort we can find from being rejected or feeling different and not worthy, And just too few of us will find the strength to just be themselves and say fuck off to the rest of the world.

The saddest part of this is that most fat women end up never becoming as great as they could have been. Because of way too much self-restriction and self-inflicted pressure. I am fat so I can't dance or I'll look ridiculous. I am fat so I can't go to the gym, people will judge me. I am fat so I can't speak in public, people will only see me as a fat pig. I am fat so I can't be fashionable and trendy or I'll look like a big Xmas tree. I am fat so I can't possibly go talk to this guy, he'll just humiliate me. I am fat so I can't possibly eat food in public because people will judge and despise me. I am fat so I can't enjoy a day at the beach wearing a bikini and feeling free and happy like anyone else. Being stuck in a circle of low self-esteem is probably the worst curse for us bigger women. So what do we do instead ? We eat to find confort. We settle for a man that doesn't truly deserve us. We settle for a job and a life that will keep us in the shadow. We end up lacking discipline and desire to take care of ourselves. Because we never get to understand and realise our worth. We never get to reach our dreams because we don't allow ourselves to go after them.

We blame ourselves while we should be blaming the fucking bitch that western culture is. Its rigid, unhealthy and fake standards, its intolerance to Difference, its sick way to objectify women. Its sick way to enslave us to a goal of conformity.

So let's find some inspiration and courage to be ourselves somewhere else. Let's look at these cultures where men praise their women and their voluptuous shapes. Let's realise that if we were born there, we would just be considered a woman, a beautiful woman, a strong woman, based on our true worth and skills, no matter if we weigh 100 or 300 pounds.

Put on some african music, look at yourself in the mirror, loosen it up, learn how to feel free, not always in control and aware of how you look like. Dance and move, shake that booty, be that gorgeous and sexy woman you truly are. Get back to dreaming of a better life, forget about being slimmer, dream and go for new skills, a new career, a new wardrobe, a lovelife that you deserve, travel far, and love your big ass!

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Curvily yours,

​Gipsy B.