Let's Sweat a little

1. Workout from home !

There are some amazing YouTube Channels now, that you can just put on in the morning, before you had breakfast.

Drink up a lemon water (no sugar), or just a glass of water if you are too lazy for the lemon pressing part, and work out, even if it's just for 15/20 mins.

So forget about the gym, feel guilt-free about it, focus on finding the channel that fits you, and put in 10 to 20 mins a day or 30 mins every 2 days, whatever you can.

II. Try Martial Arts !

I would advise to go for boxing !

You can actually train on your own at home, you might need to invest in a punching bag if you can, but you can also do air-punching :)

It is amazing both for cardio and for growing muscles.

Also, it's super fun, and you actually become skilled.

When you are ready, if ever, you might want to enroll in a real class.

I advise you to follow the channel of SHANE, FIGHT TIPS or the one of TIFFANY ROTH.

III. Alternate with yoga !

Yoga is also a nice way to go.

I advise you to follow the Channel YOGA WITH ADRIENNE, nice for beginners.

IV. Improve your dancing skills !

There is nothing as fun as dancing when it comes to working out.

So I would advise you to go for ZUMBA.

Or my personal favorite, any kind of african dance !

V. Do a HIIT drill once in a while !

High Intensity Interval Training is super efficient.

It's usually short but intense, so I don't like to do it too often. Maybe do it once r twice a week.

You have basic HIIT, or one that I like personally, the 4-min TABATA training !

VI. Drink a glass of red wine a day !

Some studies say it actually equals to an hour of exercise :)

Curvily Yours,

Gipsy B.

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