Hell with fatphobia

You know, your man who you thought was into big girls ? Or that friend you thought loved and respected you just the way you are?

That same person who told you hundreds of times how gorgeous you looked or how an amazing heart you have?

That one you felt safe with.

And then comes the day where they give you that whole so fucking cliché speech on how big girls are just lazy, and just fucked up in the head for not taking care of themselves. Bla bla blahhhhhh.

Not realizing (or do they?) you actually are one of these fat girls.

How can you let yourself become that big without doing anything about it?

How can you be that fat and not spend 3 hours at the gym daily or control what you eat ?

I am sure you know by heart the speech I am talking about. I am sure you all heard it countless of times in your life. And I am sure, no matter how strong or confident you have managed to become, it hurts you every time.

How can people be that ignorant? And so quick to judge and despise?

What happened to compassion, empathy (or at least sympathy) and respect?

What happened to trying to put yourself in someone else's shoes before you judge or insult?

What happened to respecting difference?

How did "Fat" become synonymous with lazy, unfit, sick, dirty, immoral and degenerate?

You know, I just don't get it. I just don't get why so much Hatred, what is it with us fat people that makes other people so angry and spiteful?

Why can't they just mind their own life, problems and flaws? If they aren't attracted by fat people, they should just not marry one, and problem solved.

But what do people think seriously? That one day we just decided, well today is the day I start my path to become the fattest person on Earth ? I just love all this flabby skin, triple chins, muffin tops, huge bellies, cellulite, looking like the Michelin guy, and of course being laughed at and discriminated at school, at work, in the hospital, in my love life, on social media, yeah, I just want that! So, I'm gonna give ALL I have to become just that, eat myself to death, I won't work out ever again, fuck it, I am gonna become fatter day by day indulging in processed food while binge-watching TV series. And I will do all that just so I can post pics of my super big flabby stomach on Insta so skinny people can get enraged and hate us the more!

That there is a body acceptance movement rising today doesn't mean we are celebrating the process of becoming fat, doesn't mean we are saying we are right and you're wrong, let's all be super fat, doesn't mean we think we are better than you, doesn't mean we think fat looks better than skinny, it doesn't even mean we love what we see in the mirror, it just means that we are celebrating self-love, difference, acceptance of others, that we shouldn't set beauty standards in order to discriminate and humiliate those who don't fit them, that we understand everybody has their own struggles in life, that some become fat, that some are too skinny, that some are short or tall, and that it just shouldn't matter, that looks are not and should never be what matters. It means we are working on feeling confident too, that we are learning to love ourselves the way we are, cause we don't know how to lose that weight, and trust me we tried, and we believe all human beings should have that same right to be loved for who they are and NOT what they look like. That we shouldn't be told through the media, science, government and educational initiatives, or capitalistic means that our bodies/skin color/sexual orientation/gender are mistakes or "less than", and therefore barriers to a better "right" life.

Com'on hateful people, are you all so ignorant and uneducated? Have you never read about how the weight gaining process works? How almost impossible (scientifically) it is to get rid of big amounts of weight without gaining it back and more? Have you never read about the psychological struggle big people go through with their food "addiction" and with being consistent in their efforts with all the stress and hatred they carry on a daily basis, let alone the people who actually have a disease that keeps them big.

And anyway, a bigger person can definitely be healthier than a slimmer one, you cannot make any assumptions about anyone’s health or lifestyle by just looking at them.

We are NOT talking about basic willpower here.

Most fat person I have ever met have more willpower, and endurance to hatred and despise, than you could ever imagine.

Ignorant mean fuck!

Your fear of fat is absurd!

And even if you are ignorant on the subject. Even if you never bothered reading about it, and understanding how it works, or even if it were true that fat people were just weak or lazy, why the hell is it your business? Why should you waste your time bad mouthing us? What is the driving force behind it all? Do you think you're gonna make our lives better by saying your crap? or that it makes you look strong and fearless maybe? Or that it glorifies how fit you are? or is it because you'd rather have us hide shameful at home?

Fatphobia is no better than Racism. It is the exact same disgusting trait that stigmatises and hates on a minority. But weirdly, unlike Racism, it is actually okay to be that openly and proudly.

Can't you just let it be, or if you really wanna get involved, if you are really "concerned" with our health, why don't you offer your love or your support instead?

If you were truly happy with who you are, why the hell would you waste your time on being so negative and hateful?

No, if you were happy with yourself, the only thing you'd be spreading is Love & Acceptance.

Get off your high horse. Someone else’s body, or someone else’s health, is never your concern!

Stop being so rude and narrow-minded.

Think for a second, how do you think we, as human beings, should treat one another?

Fat people suffer profound discrimination on a daily basis, in ways you don't even think of. Body terrorism. I can hear you say "What a bunch of BS". But deep down, you know it.

Why is it that when a thin person is seen lying down watching television, people assume they’re resting. But when people see an overweight person relaxing, it’s automatically assumed they’re lazy and unmotivated.

Fuck this.

And you, boyfriends and husbands. Who the hell do you think you are? Do you think you are doing big women a favour by dating them? That they are worthless or disposable because of carrying too much weight on their body?

And if you do believe so, why did you choose them in the first place? Go get your skinny girl and see, see if it's better, see if there's less drama, if she loves you more, has a warmer and bigger heart, or gives you better sex. Go see!

Oh yeah, you'd probably be looking better entering a club with your hot skinny bitch holding you muscled arm, but is that what life is about, pretense and appearances?

Are you that superficial? What will your eulogy say? "HE LOOKED GREAT AND DATED HOT SKINNY GIRLS." If that's your goal in life, well, pass your way.

I am not here to justify my size to you, I should not have to nor should I have to make excuses for it.

I won't feel apologetic ever again.

I will not play a twisted game of good fatty/bad fatty for you. I will not berate myself for being big so you can feel satisfied and superior.

How much I exercise, what I wear, how many burgers I’ve eaten and how many men I’ve slept with despite my big body is none of your concern.

Anna B.

#FatArt #English