Interview with Editor & Model Agent VICTOR SILAS

I am sure you have noticed.. African Fashion is everywhere!

Ethnic prints, longline dresses and skirts, head scarves, gorgeous models with jaw-dropping sexy bodies, Africa is rising. And honestly, I am more into it day after day.

There are so many super talented designers, especially for us curvy women, as African people for sure know what a curvy woman's body needs to look its best.

(Watch out for my upcoming blog post on African plus designers)

Today, I would like to present you Victor Silas.

I met him on Instagram, (check him out @iam_victorsilas) and I got struck by his passion for fashion and his desire to push curvy women to rise up.

He is super active, always multitasking, doing a Fashion Magazine, scouting for models, organizing modeling worshops, lauching new marketing campaigns, and is definitely one of the people that can help change the face of plus fashion in Africa and beyond. He is the editor-in-chief of Model's Digest Nigeria, and a (straight and plus) model agent, creative director of Glitz Faces management.

Victor Silas & model Mercy Temi Inyang @mercyskittles

Who is Victor Silas?

I am Nigerian, I hold a Bachelor degree in Physics and a Master’s Degree in Telecommunications.

I am the editor–in-chief of Models Digest and a model agent, creative director of Glitz Faces management.

I am conscientious and open-minded.

I love adventure, traveling and swimming.

Why did you choose a career in Fashion?

I have been interested in a career in Fashion from childhood. I just love it, Fashion inspires me.

What does it mean to you to be a 21st-century Fashion editor?

In this era of new trends and innovation in the fashion industry, being a 21st fashion editor is super fun and technology makes it so easy to gather information and convey your message.

As an agent and as recently, an Elite model scout (congrats!), how do you choose your models? Are they all plus-size models?

Selection of models is strictly based on client's requirement, for example Elite Model Look requirement are;

- striking features

- stunning look

- clear skin

- skinny (but not too skinny)

- not shorter than 5’9 (for females)

This varies from other clients. There are clients who prefer full figure models and their clothes are figure defining.

As a scout or agent, you need to understand what the client is looking for.

As for me, I have a preference for plus size models and I am currently looking to represent more of them. Contact me !

Tell us about the #RockyourCurvesChallenge?

Rock your curves challenge is a campaign against body shaming, it comes with a photo competition to encourage plus size women to accept their body and celebrate their size.

The specific objective is to tackle body shaming and insecurity.

I am using the current Miss Curvy Nigeria (Sandra Anthony) to champion the campaign and also hope to involve as many plus size models who are willing to be a part of the initiative.

So plus girls, use the hashtag #rockyourcurves on your Insta photos!

Where do you get your inspiration?

God is my greatest source of inspiration.

Secondly, nature inspires me a lot and TV also play a big role because each time I’m at home watching TV, I see people doing things I love and their achievements inspire me to put my best to whatever i am doing so as to reach where they are or even better than them.

Bigger women are starting to feel more confident and unapologetic; they’re posting pictures showing their big legs, belly and booty on social media and it’s going viral. What do you think about that? What would you want to tell the haters?

There is no point looking down on a person because of their size or shape.

Everyone, plus or straight size, are gorgeous, if healthy and happy.

We have a responsibility to play the hand we’re dealt, challenge ourselves to be better and take action on improving our lives.

Nowhere is there for insulting others whether big legs belly or booty.

Thoughts on loving your body at any size vs. losing weight:

I’m all for body acceptance, but if you are in an unhealthy place, it should be accompanied by a commitment to getting healthier.

Body positive is very important; you don’t need to lose weight in order to be sexy!

The point is, no matter what your weight is, there is always someone out there who finds it attractive.

Plus is sexy.

In western countries, the plus size market has been ignored for so long and is just starting to get attention. How is it in Nigeria/Africa?

It’s similar in Africa (Nigeria); the misconception that modeling is reserved for the skinny girls has eaten deep into the fabrics of our minds.

They tend to see fat girls as just fat. Plus size modeling is starting to gain cognizance in Africa (Nigeria) though.

Today, we have Miss Curvy Nigeria, Miss Nigeria Plus size, etc, plus size fashion designer like JPKouture who is working tirelessly to give the plus size market a new look.

Miss Curvy Nigeria Sandra Anthony @kandydrah

We also have plus size bloggers like Bella Curves, Curvygirls9ja, etc. with this synergy, few years to come, plus size market would be everybody’s business.

Are curvy women considered beautiful in Nigeria/Africa in general?

Yes, I would say; in the history of rock and roll, there has never been a song about a flat butt :)

Almost 99% of African (Nigerian) Men prefer curvy women; they associate wide hips and large breasts with fertility (I’m not saying skinny girls are not fertile) and it’s easier for men to get rough with curvy women than skinny women.

On a more personal level, why do YOU appreciate bigger women?

I am what we call a "BBW lover"; I find them more attractive, I like their curves, they are softer, more romantic and they cuddle

Model : Enujiugha Jennifer @jenyzest

What are some fashion pieces every plus woman should have in her wardrobe?

1) A Camisole

2) A Tank top

3) A Silk blouse

4) A Trusted pair of denim

5) Some Good shapewear

If you could travel anywhere for a day, where would you go?

Paris !

If your friends had to describe you in 5 words:

1. Passion-driven

2. Dependable

3. Modelpreneur

4. Goal-getter

5. Result-oriented

I hope you enjoyed reading Victor's interview. Don't hesitate to reach out to him if you are a model or for any work opportunities.

Curvily yours,

Anna B.

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