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The Weight Watchers plan offers a range of healthy lifestyle plans, including on-line packages, for those  wishing to lose weight.  

One of the basic principles of Weight Watchers for losing weight is the food points system.

Every food has a weight watchers point (ww points) value.



The basics

The weight watchers points for food is based on the nutritional value of each food, including protein, carbohydrates, fiber and fats.  

Weight Watchers members have a daily, personalized food points target, combined with an exercise plan and support package.

What You Can Eat and What You Can't

  • No food is forbidden when you follow this plan, which doesn’t make you buy any prepackaged meals.

  • Weight Watchers assigns different foods a SmartPoints value, which replaces its long-standing PointsPlus plan. The concept is the same, though. Nutritious foods that fill you up have fewer points than junk with empty calories. But the eating plan now factors sugar, fat, and protein into its points calculations to steer you toward fruits, veggies, and lean protein, and away from stuff that's high in sugar and saturated fat.

  • You’ll have a SmartPoints target that's set up based on your body and goals. As long as you stay within your daily target, you can spend those SmartPoints however you’d like, even on alcohol or dessert.

  • But healthier, lower-calorie foods cost fewer points.

Those signing up to the modern day weight watchers program can mix and match options from the list below:-

  • An individual assessment and personal healthy eating plan 

  • Group orientation program with a weight loss coach

  • Personal trainer via telephone sessions

  • Weekly videos for motivation and strategy plans

  • In depth action plan with personal coach for skill building

  • Round the clock expert chat line

  • Online support from other weight watcher members

  • Weekly Weight Watcher meetings in groups

  • Meal planning and recipes Weight Watcher

  • Expert cooking and nutritional guidance from a personal coach

  • Tracking and monitoring of weight loss tools

  • Reminders and information regarding motivation for weight loss on line

  • Personal support from your personal trainer to keep you motivated and on track


medium level of effort

You can eat anything

Long-term lifestyle change

emphasis on physical activity

group support

you can buy prepared meals at the store


it's not free

My personal opinion

I have never tried it but I believe it works and would encourage you to give it a try.